Maybe you should lie down.

She wanted to hurry home.

She herself helped him because no one else would.

You must persevere before you can succeed.

They can produce the same goods at a far lower cost.

Where is my red pen?

It cost about thirty pesos.

Deborah just got up and left.

His idea is beyond the reach of my understanding.

He's very curious.

At his side, he carried an ivory and silver sword.

What am I supposed to eat?


Renewable energy is energy source that can not be exhausted.


Please add more coffee.

The media doesn't report this news.

You were very kind to us.

It's all up with the firm.

The storm caused a lot of damage.

He is going to shut up shop.

Tony can run the fastest in our class.

He held her in his arms.

It was hard for Sherman to tell Daniele that he wanted a divorce.

I've misplaced my keys.

An earthquake can happen at any time.

She answers us whenever we call her.

The boat drifted out to sea.

I just like to daydream.

He asked me to help him.

The girl is doing the dishes.

We've come too far to give up now.

I manage to live on a small income.

I was scared.

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She's of the Caucasian race.

Sarah said he wanted to die.

Devil may come.


Why is that on the floor?

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I wanted to show him to you.

Like a good wine, he improves with age.

That is the girl who waited on me in the shop yesterday.

I had a chat with Brooke.

You're in for a real surprise.

These roses are beautiful.

I thought you recognized Urs.

I looked up.

He possessed a large house and two cars.

I had a checklist I used.

I'll go talk to her now.

Do I please you?

This is just stupid.

Is Barbra in surgery?

I got it, OK?

I'm the killer.

Honzo has other things to worry about.

Clayton has a broken leg.

Kurt is supposed to be here by now.

You're Germans, aren't you?

Kerry fell over and landed flat on his face.

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Dirk left a little after 2:30.


Come on, let us talk about flowers.

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You aren't dressed.

Now there is nothing but desert, where there used to be a fertile plain.

This is beyond comparison.

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Martha seems to be eating all the time.

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When the sisters came back, their mother was still awake.


It broke my heart to see her begging for food.

I'm tired of museums, - graveyards of the arts.

I think Son is innocent.

I've got three hours to find Hohn.

He had his wife painted.

What subjects do you study at school?

We'll never catch her.

I had to pay the bill! The next time, I'll have them invite me.

She is said to be a domestic woman.


It is doubtful if we can get the engine working.

I'm getting undressed.

How come you're so busy?

You seem to know this book very well; you use a lot of quotations from it.

She was raised in France.

Let's cut to the chase.

This pizza is cold.

Louise fooled me.

That's not an easy feat.


I hope to own my own house someday.

Three people are missing after the flood.

Russia is called "Rossiya" in Russian.

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There was broken glass on the floor.


These tomatoes are tasteless.

Why do you act so strangely?

Could you send me a brochure?

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As time went on, the sky grew darker and darker.

Micheal was glad that the main highway signs giving distances to towns, etc., all had roman-alphabet transliterations below the Georgian town names.

Rolfe won't survive.

A dog has four legs.

I have a few things I want to make clear.


I don't have time to do the laundry.

Each year some 4500 different Pop LPs appear.

What's the easiest way to learn French?


Marcia wants you.

Relying on strength alone cannot guarantee victory.

What took Jurevis so long?


In 1990, the Soviet Union collapsed.

Has this kind of thing happened to you before?

Would you like another helping of pie?

Ro asked me to talk to Debi.

Russell knew where Spock lived.


I pricked up my ears.

Lex's dog knocked over our trash can.

I've seen them.

When will she get home?

It's about time you got up.

She got into hot water when her boyfriend called her at work.

Audrey thinks he knows how much money Jose makes, but Takeuchi makes quite a bit more than Devon thinks she does.


They can't do anything else.


You don't have to give me anything.

Ann pointed at the sky.

I'll stay right where I am.

They want change. They hate staying in one place.

They took off after Scott.

The meeting is to be held at three.

The corporal is on furlough.

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This is ridiculous!


We probably should've talked about this before now.

Straka said that Glynn had a cold.

How could you do that to me?

Everyone looked happy.

Don't you want to kiss me?

My brother goes to college in Tokyo.

I am studying Japanese.

Kenn has a part-time job at a burger joint.

If the sun were to go out, all living things would die.

A boy is taking his sweet time pushing the cart toward the curb.

Strength is found in calmness.

I never thought it would end like this.

He's a frat boy.

There's no need to wait.

Everyone pointed at her.

His heart is filled with sorrow.

This may hurt a bit.


He's a very capable business man.


How much money did you spend on your last holiday?


Let's put this behind us and move on.

He's over thirty.

I know nothing about him.

The least talented player will be kicked off the team.

You're a mighty good feller.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

I played right field.

That sounds pretty good.

I told Triantaphyllos that I agreed with Audrey.

Hsuan is waiting for someone.

The bank came through with the loan we had requested.


What if someone finds out?

I know where you can find Manavendra.

She has gone to the bad since she lost her husband.

Freud's insights into human behavior led to him being honored as a profound thinker.

I can't make heads or tails of this assignment.

This indigenous god needs water to have a normal life, move and talk, or its body will turn back into immovable stone.

I miss it.

When I got out of jail, I wanted to patch up things with my wife.

You look worried.

I thought it would be all right.

I'm not scared to die.

Did Spike tell you where the party is?

Avery is looking for his son.


Gene was unsuccessful.

You are carrying your joke a bit too far.

I've never seen her around here.

He was standing at the street corner.

I hesitate to broach the subject with her.

She'd been sitting at the stop for about ten minutes till the bus arrived.

My older brother is a teacher.